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Address: F 9-11, Block A, Ziguang Development Mansion, No. 11, Xindong Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
Postcode: 100029
Tel: 010-84105858

Ad Department

Hotline of Comprehensive Ad Department: 010-84105810
E-mail of Comprehensive Ad Department: ad@bj.china.com
Hotline of Automobile Ad Department: 010-84105978

Case presentation

China culture tour ----Public welfare travel of Guangzhou Mitsubishi SUV family

Activity introduction

Held by China.com’s Automobile Channel in 2011, this trip was a large-scale driving event which aims to enable the participants to experience the happiness of the travel and enjoy different cultures. This activity focuses on nature, life, the sensation of driving and the performance of brand automobiles via driving! The Public Welfare Travel of Guangzhou Mitsubishi SUV Family was launched on Dec 9, 2013, and the event lasted 11 days.


  1. Employ well-known drivers and a professional video team, as well as photographers and writers to participate in this activity in order to greatly promote the event.
  2. Multi-dimensional spreading mode (blog + Forum + cooperative channel + cooperative media + printing publications) features longer spreading cycle and better horizontal and vertical effects.
  3. This activity is embodied via video, picture albums, APP, images and articles, and features high-quality images and diversified spreading modes.
  4. The highlights of the automobile products are popular via the making of travelogues, vehicle-related articles, video and electronic magazines.
  5. By cooperating with the public channel, this activity will join the blog’s public event to garner attention.

Case presentation

Presentation of cooperative customers(Only for example and no ranking order)

Marketing resources
2014 7th China Webpage Game & Mobile Game Summit Forum

Activity introduction

The China Webpage Game Summit Forum, which was launched and hosted by China.com in 2008, witnesses the course of development of the webpage game industry in China, and grows along with webpage game enterprises in China. The 7th summit was held at the end of April, 2014. The summit provided an idea exchange and cooperative platform for elites in the game industry. With the “Golden Webpage Prize” election activity, the practical and excellent representative game products and game enterprises can be elected in order to guide the healthy development of the webpage & mobile game industry in China.


  1. This summit forum can provide an idea exchange and cooperatively-dedicated platform for elites in the webpage game & mobile game industry.
  2. With the “Golden Webpage Prize” election activity, the practical and excellent representative game products and game enterprises can be elected in order to guide the healthy development of the webpage & mobile game industry in China.
  3. Continue to hold the “Golden Webpage Prize” election activity for the webpage games in China, which has been held four times and has become the most authoritative, most influential and most extensive election activity in the game industry in China.
  4. The summit forum is supported by the related leaders and experts of Game Work Commission and the Ministry of Culture, and attracts attention and extensive participation from whole industry chain and mainstream media.

Presentation of past cases

China enterprise tour — focus on growth of independent brands and explore the revitalization of national industry

Activity introduction

  1. focus on growth of the independent brands, entering national enterprises
  2. learn the operational growth of one company in resource, process, product and channel
  3. learn the brands, technologies and production line
  4. interview engineers, calling on network users to focus on product security from the opinions of network users, and supporting national companies


  1. cooperate with the national organizations and associations
  2. focus on national brand, match the characteristic and target of China.com
  3. combine brands, technology and products with the national patriotic emotion
  4. assist in spreading via the website, blog, forum and community, spread together with wap and app, cooperation with all media, and promotion via multiple channels
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